At Altro we pride ourselves on being true to the artisan style of Italian pizza making.

We use local ingredients of the highest quality and flavour together with the finest Italian produce including San Daniele prosciutto, fior di latte, mozzarella di Bufala and San Marzzano tomatoes. Traditional preparation and cooking methods are at the basis of Altro’s pizza making. At Altro we are not just producing pizza, we are crafting the original Neapolitan Pizza. We create our pizza using the same methods pizzaioli have been using since the 19th Century.

Our pizza dough has been created with slow-rising organic sourdough, no yeast used in the process. We follow the Italian quality standards STG (Specialità Tradizionali Garantite), to make our pizza taste as good as they do in Italy.

To satisfy the STG standards our Italian pizzaiolo (pizza master) will make each pizza with a 3 mm thick disk of dough with a 1-2 cm high crust. No other working tools other than the hands of our pizzaiolo are allowed, no rolling pins or mechanical press machines. Then into the wood-fired brick oven at 400-420° C for about 90 seconds.

Come in or take away, Altro pizzas are simply delicious!

Inside the restaurant